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World of Warcraft Dreadblades: Part 1: The Plan

I want some real-world Dreadblades.

I’ve been doing serious prop building for a couple years and should be able to make them out of EVA foam.

I’m not a fan of most of the Artifact Weapons in World of Warcraft “Legion.” I could rant about talent trees and silly models for hours.

But the Outlaw Rogue Dreadblades…

Ah… There’s something I can get behind. Sure, all those spikes and teeth will cut the wielder as well as the target, but they just look cool.

This is more elaborate than any of my previous builds, so I practiced my patterning and foam fabricating by creating a more normal saber.


Then I made the commitment in public:

I then promised a friend they could have the Dreadblades to play with at BlizzCon. We are fully committed! Let the panic begin!

Materials should be very straightforward for this build:

  • EVA foam for almost everything
  • Poly pressure pipe for handle
  • 3D PLA prints for the skulls
  • PETG plastic sheet to suspend the “floating” bits
  • Neopixels and Trinkets for lighting effects

We’ve made the emotional commitment. Time for the financial commitment:

  •  A trip to Home Depot for some floormats and Weldwood contact adhesive, silver spray paint, and the pressure pipe
  • A few large sheets of EVA foam from TNT Cosplay Supply.
  • A gallon of Creature Cast neoprene rubber to use as foam sealer.
  • Amazon order for gold and bronze acrylic paint. Rubber spikes and spray varnish.

In Part 2, we’ll create the patterns and figure out the mechanics while we wait for materials to arrive.

Dollar Store Squirt Gun to 70’s SciFi Pistol

ClpJE_mWEAAoSAY<p>By half past eight, when the Deputation was destroyed, there may have been a crowd of three hundred people or more at this place, besides those who had left the road to approach the Martians nearer. There were three policemen too, one of whom was mounted, doing their best, under instructions from Stent, to keep the people back and deter them from approaching the cylinder.  There was some booing from those more thoughtless and excitable souls to whom a crowd is always an occasion for noise and horse-play.</p>

<p>Stent and Ogilvy, anticipating some possibilities of a collision, had telegraphed from Horsell to the barracks as soon as the Martians emerged, for the help of a company of soldiers to protect these strange creatures from violence.  After that they returned to lead that ill-fated advance.  The description of their death, as it was seen by the crowd, tallies very closely with my own impressions: the three puffs of green smoke, the deep humming note, and the flashes of flame.</p>

<p>But that crowd of people had a far narrower escape than mine.  Only the fact that a hummock of heathery sand intercepted the lower part of the Heat-Ray saved them.  Had the elevation of the parabolic mirror been a few yards higher, none could have lived to tell the tale.  They saw the flashes and the men falling and an invisible hand, as it were, lit the bushes as it hurried towards them through the twilight.  Then, with a whistling note that rose above the droning of the pit, the beam swung close over their heads, lighting the tops of the beech trees that line the road, and splitting the bricks, smashing the windows, firing the window frames, and bringing down in crumbling ruin a portion of the gable of the house nearest the corner.</p>

Sample Pepe Post

Pepe Viking Armor
Pepe Viking Armor

Just as he spoke there came from the forest a terrible roar, and the next moment a great Lion bounded into the road. With one blow of his paw he sent the Scarecrow spinning over and over to the edge of the road, and then he struck at the Tin Woodman with his sharp claws. But, to the Lion’s surprise, he could make no impression on the tin, although the Woodman fell over in the road and lay still.

Little Toto, now that he had an enemy to face, ran barking toward the Lion, and the great beast had opened his mouth to bite the dog, when Dorothy, fearing Toto would be killed, and heedless of danger, rushed forward and slapped the Lion upon his nose as hard as she could, while she cried out:

“Don’t you dare to bite Toto! You ought to be ashamed of yourself, a big beast like you, to bite a poor little dog!”